My name is Pam Beresford and I’d like to tell you a little more about the Leeds Spiritual Centre;

We are a Christian group of people who meet twice weekly at Colton in Leeds 15 located in West Yorkshire.  You may find out more information about our services, the principle members and our weekly meetings on the following pages. Suffice to say that each alternate Sunday at 6.30 pm a spiritual medium will demonstrate their clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts.  On Mondays we meet once more to offer spiritual healing. We would be delighted to welcome you to either of these meetings, check out our speakers list to make sure we are open.

The Leeds Spiritual Centre was founded in 1997, by Stanley and Norma Ibbotson, and it was only through the vision and financial support given by Stanley and Norma that we were able to progress to the group we are today.  Stanley’s vision has enabled many people to discover the truth that only our spirit friends can bring, offering a source of comfort upon which we are all sustained.  His compassionate, simplistic, fun-loving soul brought many good people around him and he was well loved.  Sadly, that non-negotiable, inevitability happened in November 2007, when Stanley passed to spirit, and during the months prior to his passing, I was deeply honoured to be asked to continue with his mission for The Leeds Spiritual Centre, and this, I promised him I would do.  With the support of a few stalwart people; Norma and Lesley, Shirley and Christina and her daughter Margaret and dear Cliff who was an amazing support with setting up the church each week with Shirley and they did this for a few years before Stan died,  a few years on and Shirley has  grown and developed and accepted all the messages and teachings that spirit and all of us can give her, so that she is now a fledgling medium who won’t fledge further that our sanctuary!! (her little nest)

Unfortunately, in 2010 due to my own ill-health and that of my beloved Ian I had to take a step back from serving other churches and both the Healing and the Sunday services, which were always well supported by willing, lovely, helpful people and one of those beautiful people is Helen Hartley, who very graciously said that she could step up to be Principal of the Sanctuary, trying on my shoes to see if she could run in them! And this she has done very successfully and much much better than me in every single way ever since - a beautiful person inside and out who has drawn more and more people into our sanctuary.  She chooses first class mediums in order to present our sanctuary in a professional manner, we have to be exceptionally careful in this regard as we are an independent centre and our responsibilities and reputation are paramount to all people who enter our doors.   We want you to leave the sanctuary uplifted and seeking more knowledge and we want you to discover everything in a structured, guided and guarded way seeking and asking that only the highest and the best draw close to our guests.  I am slowly coming back into the fold, I’m back on the chairing rota on Sundays, I’m carrying out my ministerial duties, and I’ve started to run the healing group once more with great support from my deputy Brenda.  We also have two probationary healers that we are training.  I am also working with spirit once more.

Since 2007 both myself and subsequently Helen (from 2010) have been constantly supported by Shirley and in the last couple of years her husband Kevin has stepped up to the mark making teas and coffees!  Slowly further help arrived in the form of Stewart and Jen, Joan and Sally and quietly but firmly standing always in the background is our Brenda who steps up to the mark for anything and is a constant at our sanctuary.
Our small Centre offers you many avenues of discovery.  Our belief is that we are all spirit, living a material life within a physical body, and if we so wish, we can connect to our spirit friends through attunement.   Enlightenment to this can be achieved through attending services and if a deeper understanding is what you seek, you could attend a workshop, with us a healing service or special events and then you may be invited to develop yourself further.  If you are seeking more structured development groups contact Castleford SNU Spiritualist Church who are always developing people in a professional manner within six weekly courses.
If your pathway can be walked in love without judging your fellow man his imperfections (not an easy quest), you will gain a peace within your heart and your mind that is indescribable, when you are troubled, ask your spirit friends for guidance.  Nobody is perfect and God will not judge you, he will support you.  Our belief blends beautifully with that of many other faiths, and we are proud to open our doors to all those who seek the truth.  Your soul needs sustenance, love and fulfilment, in whatever form that may take, and at some point in your life you will enter a phase of spiritual discovery.  I am so pleased that you are now reading this page, another stage of your life, and I hope that we can fulfil your needs in some small way.
We make new discoveries every day of our lives and if our minds are open we will learn from the many lessons we receive, good or bad, thus is life.  However, how we accept the lessons and the challenges placed before us is a true testament of our inner strength, a strength which can be sustained and nurtured by the love of God and an inner knowing and belief that our spirit helpers/guides are there for us, if only we would ask for the help we need.

You are a unique individual.  Opening this page, on this particular day is no coincidence an inner knowing may have developed very slowly, you may now have become more attuned to sounds, feelings and senses, which may have led you to this new phase of discovery, and may lead you to walk through our doors - one day.

A small band of devoted people are keeping the doors of Helen’s sanctuary open, so that old friends and new friends, may come to know the love and the peace that those from Spirit can bring.
Welcome, and come on in ..........Helen and I would love to meet you at either of our services.

Welcome, and come on in ............

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